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The Different Types of Parking Bays

Off-street parking bays, typically found in car parks, offer designated spaces for vehicles, often marked with solid lines and sized at 2.4m by 4.8m. On-street parking bays may or may not be marked, with those marked usually indicated by broken white lines. Understanding yellow and red lines is crucial: single yellow lines allow parking at […]

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Road Markings Explained

Despite encountering them everyday in our vehicles, not everyone knows what the different road markings mean. They all play a crucial role in our day-to-day lives, so it is vital that we understand them. Junction road markings explained A busy junction will contain a number of different markings, the most common of which is give […]

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How Long Do Line Markings Last For?

Clear road markings are crucial for safety, aiding drivers in navigation, especially in challenging conditions or for inexperienced drivers. Fresh markings are needed on newly resurfaced roads, requiring several days for the tarmac to dry before application. Over time, natural wear from traffic and weather causes markings to fade, especially at night. Typically lasting around […]

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5 Tips For How To Improve Factory Floor Safety

Improving factory safety is essential. Here are five tips: Training: Ensure all staff understand safety procedures. Signage: Use clear signs to highlight hazards. Regular Risk Assessment: Conduct frequent assessments to prevent complacency. Floor Marking Maintenance: Check and maintain floor markings regularly. Learn from Near Misses: Analyze near misses and take preventive action. Health and safety […]

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Different Line Removal Methods

Different methods are used to remove road markings. Here are the main ones: Thermal Lance: Uses heat from compressed air to burn away markings quickly and cost-effectively. Noisy and not suitable for urban areas. Scabbling: Involves machinery with tungsten-tipped pins to scrape markings off surfaces. Effective and cost-efficient but not suitable for fragile roads. Waterblasting: […]

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Warehouse & Factory Line Marking Guidelines

Here are guidelines for warehouse and factory line marking: Plan Clearly: Develop a comprehensive line marking plan tailored to your facility’s layout and processes to ensure safety and efficiency. Establish a Colour Scheme: While there’s no strict standard, common associations include yellow for aisles and traffic lanes, orange for inspection areas, red for scrap zones, […]

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Social Distancing Markings and Their Importance

Social distancing markings are vital for enforcing safety measures in businesses amid rising COVID-19 cases. They mainly include floor tape, shapes, signs, posters, and banners. These visual cues guide movement, mark queues, and remind people to maintain a safe distance. Customization is key to address each space’s unique needs. With cases once again on the […]

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The Importance of Warehouse Line Marking

Warehouse line marking is crucial for safety, tidiness, and productivity. It helps mark high-risk areas, ensuring employees understand where to be and not to be. Line marking also promotes tidiness by delineating stock areas and walkways, keeping the warehouse organized. Moreover, it enhances productivity by optimizing space usage and facilitating efficient workflow. Overall, investing in […]

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Top 5 Playground Games

Hopscotch: A timeless game played on a grid, promoting physical activity and risk-taking. Puzzles or Mazes: Engaging designs encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills, fostering learning. Tag: A classic chasing game that promotes exercise and agility, with variations adding excitement. Noughts and Crosses: A simple grid-based game for strategic thinking, played with X’s and O’s. Snakes […]

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The Benefits of Hydroblasting

Hydroblasting Overview: Hydroblasting is a method that uses high-pressure water jets to remove road markings quickly and efficiently. Zero Damage: Unlike other methods like thermal lancing or scabbling, hydroblasting removes markings without damaging the road surface, making it safe for delicate areas like airport runways. No Fumes or Noise: Hydroblasting doesn’t produce fumes or excess […]

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