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The Role of Road Markings In Autonomous Driving

Road markings are crucial for autonomous driving systems, aiding navigation, lane-keeping, object and pedestrian detection, and traffic management. Clear and well-maintained road markings are essential for autonomous vehicles to gather information, maintain lane positioning, detect objects and pedestrians, and interpret traffic rules and signals. Road markings are evolving to communicate with autonomous vehicles and smart […]

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A Guide to Line Marking Paints

Line marking paints vary depending on the project requirements, with water-based polyurethane paints suitable for indoor sports halls due to their adhesive and anti-slip properties. Acrylic line marking paints are versatile and suitable for various projects including warehouses, factories, and car parks, known for their hardwearing and fast-drying characteristics. Thermoplastic road marking paint is commonly […]

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A Guide to Electric Parking Bays

Electric parking bays are becoming increasingly important with the rise of electric vehicles, but there is currently no standardization for their design and layout. Electric charging stations typically consist of multiple charging points and can vary in size and location, from motorway services to dedicated all-electric forecourts. When planning electric parking bay layouts, it’s essential […]

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The Different Types of Parking Bays

Off-street parking bays, typically found in car parks, offer designated spaces for vehicles, often marked with solid lines and sized at 2.4m by 4.8m. On-street parking bays may or may not be marked, with those marked usually indicated by broken white lines. Understanding yellow and red lines is crucial: single yellow lines allow parking at […]

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Welcome to our new blog!

The team here at Northern Marking we would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news and advice from our company, as well as the wider industry. Check back here regularly to have a read through the latest posts we’ve been sharing […]

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