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What Line Markings Do I Need for a Factory or Warehouse?

What Line Markings Do I Need for a Factory or Warehouse?

  • Line markings in factories and warehouses ensure safety and efficiency by guiding workers and indicating hazards.
  • Common markings include walkways (yellow for pedestrians, white for vehicles), hazard warnings (red or orange), loading areas, storage zones, and emergency exits (using photoluminescent markings).
  • Consulting a professional like Northern Marking can help develop a clear marking plan for optimal safety and efficiency.

When it comes to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your factory or warehouse, having proper line markings is crucial.

Line markings serve as a visual guide that allow workers to navigate the space and avoid potential hazards. In this article, the team here at Northern Marking will discuss the line markings that are commonly used in UK factories and warehouses and why they are important.

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Among the most important types of line markings in a warehouse are walkway and aisle markings.

Given that these markings help to guide workers and visitors around the space safely, they should be clear and visible, indicating where pedestrians can walk and where vehicles can travel.

The standard colour for pedestrian walkways is yellow, while vehicle lanes are marked in white.

Hazardous areas

Another important line marking in a factory or warehouse is the hazard warning marking.

These markings indicate that a particular zone is hazardous – for example, chemical storage areas, electrical panels, and other potentially dangerous areas. These markings are typically in red or orange to draw as much attention to the hazard as possible.

Loading areas

Loading areas should also have clear line markings to ensure the safety of both workers and drivers.

Loading bays should be clearly marked, indicating where vehicles should park and where loading and unloading can take place.

The markings should be large and visible to ensure that drivers can see them clearly too!

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Storage areas

In a warehouse, it is essential to have clearly marked storage areas to help workers locate goods and materials quickly.

Storage areas should be marked with clear labels and signage, and the markings should be consistent throughout the facility to reduce confusion as far as possible.

Emergency exits

Finally, emergency exits should be marked with clear and visible lines and signage.

The line markings should lead in the direction of the nearest exit, while signage should be placed at regular intervals throughout the facility to help point staff and visitors in the right direction in the event of an emergency. 

It’s important to make sure you use photoluminescent line marking when it comes to emergency exits, this is to ensure that occupants can quickly see where they need to go even if the lights are out.

Consult a professional

Creating a line marking plan for a warehouse can be a challenging task, especially if you lack prior experience.

That’s why we suggest seeking the assistance of a reputable company like Northern Marking.

We can aid you in developing a marking plan and selecting an appropriate colour scheme for your facility that is logical and cohesive. This will promote optimal safety and efficiency by ensuring a smooth and consistent flow of traffic.

Here at Northern Marking, we’re an independent, local council approved line marking company.

Northern Marking is based in Manchester, but provides services to clients in the following areas; Huddersfield, Blackburn, Rochdale, Preston and beyond. Northern Marking is a leading road marking company, providing the following services; line marking, school & playground markings, warehouse markings, electric car parking space marking, line removal, white lining and car park markings. We can work with all kinds of different materials and we’re ISO 9001:2008 accredited too, so you get complete peace of mind when you choose us.

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