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The Benefits of Hydroblasting

The Benefits of Hydroblasting

Whether roadworks have taken place, new laws have passed, or general wear and tear has finally taken its toll, the removal of road markings is a common process.

While there are a number of different ways in which road markings can be removed, hydroblasting is popular due to the number of associated benefits. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at hydroblasting in greater detail.

Anti Skid Surfacing

What is hydroblasting?

As you might expect, hydroblasting uses high pressure concentrated water to completely remove line markings.

A high pressure pump is used to generate the water, which is sprayed precisely through jets to quickly remove any markings in a matter of minutes.

The pump delivers water at pressures up to 40,000 psi, and a high powered vacuum is used to simultaneously collect waste materials which are filtered into a separate tank, for maximum efficiency.

Zero damage

One of the greatest benefits of hydroblasting is how easily it can remove line markings with zero residual effects.

Unlike other forms of line removal – such as thermal lancing or scabbling – you don’t have to rely on using equipment which can damage the road surface.

For example, a thermal lance uses compressed air at incredibly high temperatures to burn the markings off the road.

Hydroblasting avoids this problem; the water jets blast the markings from the road without affecting the underlying surface, making it especially useful for thinner roadways, as well as being the safest choice for industrial areas such as airport runways, where a stable surface is always required.

No fumes or excess noise

Hydroblasting is an efficient method of line removal, not only because of the ease and speed of the technique, but also because no hazardous fumes are generated during the process, meaning that it can be used on any road surface in any location. 

What’s more, because no smoke is kicked up and operating volume is low, hydroblasting is ideal for night-time operations.

Traffic flow

When it comes to removing road markings from busy roadways, the biggest issue is always how the work might affect traffic flow.

Disruption is never welcome, and this is taken into consideration whenever road markings need to be removed.

The simple convenience of hydroblasting means traffic disruption is kept to a minimum.

The self-contained hydroblasting unit allows simultaneous line removal and waste recovery, and if relining is required it is easy to coordinate this to occur alongside removal.

The whole process can take a matter of minutes, and traffic control measures are often used to keep traffic flowing while the work is performed.

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