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Playground Marking Games for Schools

Playground Marking Games for Schools

  • Playground markings offer engaging activities for children during school hours, fostering learning and physical activity.
  • Number grids and snakes and ladders provide educational play opportunities, promoting counting skills and outdoor exercise.
  • Hopscotch promotes physical development and balance while being a classic and beneficial playground game.
  • Maps introduce geography in a simple way, helping children understand their place in the world.
  • Playground clocks aid in teaching time-telling skills, displaying different times to familiarize children with daily schedules.

Children are known for having wild and vivid imaginations, which is why some simple playground markings can go a very long way to keeping them entertained for those long lunch hours.

In this article, the Northern Marking team will be covering some popular and effective playground marking designs, so you can make the most out of the space you have.

Playground markings for snakes & ladders

Number grids

While playground markings and playground games don’t always have to be educational, if you can encourage children to learn as they play, it’s a win-win!

This is what makes number grids such a great option for playground markings, because children can quickly familiarise themselves with counting as they move from square to square.

Whether they’re simply making their way up and down the grid or playing addition and subtraction games, you’d be surprised at just how creative they can get with it.

Snakes and ladders

If you want a number grid with a twist, then a snakes and ladders game is a great option.

Children can get all of the fun that they would from playing the actual board game, but still be outside in the sun getting some exercise!

One of the benefits of having a snakes and ladders game rather than just a number grid is that children have something clear and familiar that requires no improvisation.

This might appeal to some children more than others.

Playground Marking


Hopscotch is arguably the most iconic playground game, so it makes sense to consider having a hopscotch grid painted in your playground!

But that’s not the only reason, hopscotch can be extremely beneficial for children, because:

  • It helps them to develop and master control over their body
  • It helps them to understand and improve body rhythm and balance
  • Hopping and jumping is a great way for youngsters to burn calories and build strength!


While maths games are popular and easy to implement into playground game designs, don’t forget about geography!

Maps are a simple and effective way to get children to familiarise themselves with their place in the world geographically.

And the best part is they don’t have to physically play with the map to benefit from it – just having it there to see everyday is enough for them to learn. 

With this in mind, consider having a map of the UK or, if you’re feeling adventurous, even a world map marked onto your playground!


Telling the time is a very important skill for children to pick up early, so why not help them along with some playground clocks?

You could have several clocks all displaying different times, so the kids can get a feel for how the time changes throughout the day and which times are the most important (bed time, probably!).

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